Environmental, Social and Governance (“ESG”)

Clover Aviation Capital is committed to lead, collaborate and share our vision to build a better future for generations to come.

Being a global corporate citizen, we are taking steps further to benefit the well-being of global ecosystem and to drive our sustainable economic growth with contribution to our local communities and wider society.

Our Mission


We drive continuous improvement of our business to maximise sustainability and minimize our ecological footprint.


We establish a diverse, inclusive workplace that harbours the best talent with a passion for engaging and investing in our communities.


We uphold the highest standards through transparent and ethical corporate governance and business practices which maximise sustainable value.

Our Highlights


88.9% of our aircraft are latest technology aircraft, as of 1 January 2023

Our younger, more technologically advanced fleet provides a step-change reduction in fuel consumption and CO2, NOx and noise emissions


50% female in employee gender ratio, as of 1 January 2023

58% female in management team gender ratio, as of 1 January 2023

We develop emerging markets to encourage social mobility, providing our global customers with comprehensive fleet solutions


We ensure clear and comprehensive policies and procedures in compliance with multi-jurisdictional requirements

We have no compliance breaches or lawsuits since inception in 2015

Our Activities

08 May 2023

Tree Planting with Hometree

Our Dublin Team spent an enriching afternoon at a Tree Care event, jointly organized with Hometree on May 5th. Our staff gained hands-on experience in caring for trees, learning techniques such as sapling care, pruning, mulching, and watering. By actively restoring biodiversity, we hope to utilise these new skills to the benefit of our local communities and mother nature. At Clover Aviation Capital, we are committed to taking further steps toward building a sustainable future for generations to ...

23 Dec 2022

Clover Aviation Capital Helps the Homeless in Dublin

This Christmas the streets of Dublin have plunged to temperatures as low as -5℃, and in the midst of a housing crisis, homeless people are at constant risk of death in the streets. Our Dublin Team is doing something meaningful to help save lives in our locality this winter. On a freezing Friday evening, 16 December 2022, we visited and donated much-needed toiletries, crockery, cutlery and dried foods to the Iveagh Trust and the Alice Leahy Trust who provide shelter for the homeless.

17 Nov 2022

Clover Aviation Capital Signs Industry-first Sustainability Charter with Aircraft Leasing Ireland

Clover Aviation Capital is proud to sign the Aircraft Leasing Ireland (“ALI”) Sustainability Charter at the inaugural Global Aviation Sustainability Day in Dublin on 27 October 2022.Bringing together leading lessors and experts from across the aviation sector, the ALI Sustainability Charter sets first the ESG and climate-aligned principles, alongside the aviation lessor community vouching for commitment to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050.Joe Ye Tian, President and CEO of Clover Aviatio...

03 Nov 2022

Lung Kwu Tan Beach Clean up with The Jane Goodall Institute

The Clover Aviation Capital Team has partnered up with the Jane Goodall Institute for a clean-up at Lung Kwu Tan, Hong Kong last week. The beach clean-up is part of our ESG initiative to encourage environmental involvement at individual level and bring more awareness to the plastic waste problem. Great effort from our Hong Kong Team to play their part to end marine waste.

24 Sep 2022

Team Building Event with Ocean Park Hong Kong

Last weekend over 70 of our staff, family and friends spent a meaningful day at Ocean Park to learn more about our marine system and what we can do to help protect it. Our Hong Kong team was given a few challenges under different fictional settings, through which we got to gain more insights about how our daily activities and food consumption have impacted the earth, particularly the ocean, and how each of us may contribute to save the planet. This is part of our ESG mission to educate our emplo...

16 Sep 2022

Carlyle Aviation Football Tournament 2022

Clover Aviation Capital joined the Carlyle Aviation Football Tournament in aid of Cancer Clinical Research Trust (“CCRT”). This seventh iteration of the event brought together 32 teams of corporate professionals for an action-packed Friday evening. Clover strives to benefit the local community by supporting research-focused funding - 100% of the amount raised will be directly channelled to the CCRT cancer research program.

02 Aug 2022

Clean-up Hike with Mt. Takao Base Camp

Clover Aviation Capital is pleased to be able to give the mountains a helping hand by calling on our staff of the Tokyo office and their friends to participate in Mt. Takao Clean-up Hike. Jointly organized with Mt. Takao Base Camp, we collected 3.5 kilograms of waste during our 7.6 km trail walk. This activity is one of the many endeavours that Clover will undertake to help make this world a better place and our environment cleaner.